The Natural Heritage Fund is to assist private landowners to protect or enhance indigenous biodiversity on their land. It’s a small fund that is made available instead of rates remissions on a limited number of properties. Biodiversity protection and enhancement is a core activity of regional and unitary councils.

Ngā Whenua Rāhui. This funding programme exists to protect the natural integrity of Māori land and preserve mātauranga Māori.

The Whenua Māori Fund supports Māori land owners to explore different uses of land and ways of boosting its productivity.

Erosion Control Funding Programme MPI provides funding through the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) to Gisborne district landholders and community groups to help reduce wide-scale erosion problems in the Gisborne district.

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) invests in applied research and projects led by farmers, growers, or foresters. Projects that meet the criteria should deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to New Zealand

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